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solar eclipse imageThis course is intended for K-12 teachers to explore the world of meaningful and dynamic mathematics, featuring modeling with GeoGebra, Strip Diagrams, and real-world problem solving. Participants are expected to adopt a playful perspective on K-12 mathematics and explore the nature of mathematics, the processes of sense-making, and mathematical modeling for the purpose of meaningful K-12 mathematics teaching and learning.

The seven units are best taken in a sequence.   However, if you choose to play around, it is absolutely fine.  In that case, please complete Unit 1 first because it provides some technical background.  Unit 2 through Unit 7 are loosely connected.  So do feel free to jump around. 

In preparation for the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse event,  we have designed Unit 6 around this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical show so that you could explore some big mathematical ideas with your students.  

As you go through a unit, the main components will be automatically marked as "complete"; other extra pieces, with a solid box to the right,  can be manually marked as "complete." Have fun!

Lingguo Bu, Jackie Cox, Mary Wright